Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Windy Sunshine

Today is one of my lovely mid-week days off - lots of TV and mooching around the house!
Its starting to get really hot though in Brisbane which also means gardens around here are starting to blossum. I decided to take some photos from my back garden before it becomes too hot to even go outside (mid-november to february in Brisbane is all indoors!).

Monday, 22 October 2012

Bow's Away

Today I thought I would try something new and different with my hair and I am pleased to say I am quite happy with my first attempt!

As today is quite a miserable day I thought a bow and an Alice in Wonderland Brooch would cheer up the mood - which so far I believe is working! I put a lovely ensemble together with my polka dot dress (dotti) and a black belt with little black heels to suit the gloomy weather as I now am on my way to University - blerrg.


A Stylish Surprise

Today when I woke up I got a "Stylish Surprise" as Modcloth have released another Stylish Surprise Apparel! Basically you just purchase this $15 mystery item and you get something between $24.99 - $249.99 - pretty easy I believe.

I am so excited to try one of these out as I always miss out! I shall let you know how I go once it has arrived but if you have never tried one this is always a great way to add something different and unique to your wardrobe!

Long time - no see

My complete apologize for the month I have been absent - I have been very busy and lost track of blog time. So here is a quick post which feature some small but lovely things I have picked up from the markets in Brisbane.

There are a couple of things I should probably mention that have happened such as I officially have brown hair instead of blonde - so exciting! I also have a lovely new updated wardrobe full of lovely dresses and summer clothes - mostly from modcloth which will be displayed shortly - I passed out recently (???) and I cut my face and no one needs to see that so I have to wait until it is all fixed!

Please bare with me while I get all my stuff sorted - I miss my time to blog as I have only really just begun and I have so much work to do to get it where I want it to be.


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Whimsical Gardens

Today I had the pleasure of spending my morning at the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane. The morning was lovely and warm just like spring should be and was sunny as always. There are two favourite places at the gardens that I enjoy; the Japanese Garden and the Lake. 

The Japanese Garden is beautiful, it is like a wonderful paradise away from the city. It is peaceful and full of vibrant coloured flowers.

The Lake is a vast open area with plenty of ducks and birds - and as I discovered today Turtles! The ducks here are so calm, you just sit down with a blanket and they just waddle beside you. If you ever need an escape in Brisbane or you're just visiting going here is a must!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Last Doll Standing

I have recently been having a look through the new Alannah Hill collection and I just love the new Spring collection - perfect for all weather in Australia.

Queen of Spades

I have recently (don't know how I never new this before) discovered the wondrous works of Kate Spade. Her vintage yet modern range of clothing and handbags are so inspiring to look at and aren't too much of an expensive price-tag. 

This is some of her retro Fall 2009 collection that I just fell in love with when I saw them!